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Learn profitable weekly Hedging Stratagies with proven backtested results to generate consistent income from:

Nifty & Bank Nifty Weekly Options

USDINR Weekly Options strategies

We teach from complete basics to advanced concepts on systematic trading approach for weekly Options.

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Trade Like a Pro, Trade_Psychology's Way

 You will learn profitable INDEX & Currency Weekly Options Hedging Strategies with risk-defined strategies that work in any market scenario.

Options Trading Framework [Nifty, BankNifty & USDINR]

Learn Weekly Hedging Strategies with Payoff Analysis 

Learn Intraday Trading Strategies with case-studies

Intraday scalping Case studies with examples & demonstration

eBook on Trading Psychology worth ₹499/-  for Free

eBook on Price-Action Trading worth ₹499/-  for Free

Market Sentiment Analyser Tool worth ₹,1499/-  for Free

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Module 1: Options Trading Framework
  • Understanding the psychology behind trading
  • Importance of Open Interest in Options Chain!
  • Live Demo: How to trade Options strategies?
  • Live Demo: How to manage positions with Options strategies?
Module 2: Weekly Hedging Strategies
  • How to analyze technical setup for weekly Options?

  • How to analyze Options Chain for Weekly Options?

  • How to analyze Future Open Interest Data?

  • How to build weekly trading system to achieve consistent profits?

  • Case Study: How to trade currency Options profitably? [USDINR]

  • Case Study: How to trade “Vertical Spreads” strategy profitably?

  • Case Study: How to trade high probability “IRON CONDOR” strategy?

  • Case Study: How to trade “Butterfly” Hedging strategy?

  • Case Study: How to trade “Calendar spreads” on Index options?

Module 3: Intraday Trading Strategies
  • Case Study: Intraday trading patterns - Part 1
  • Case Study: Intraday trading patterns - Part 2
  • Case Study: How to grow small trading account with Intraday trading?
  • How to develop Intraday trading system?
  • What it takes to be a successful trader?
Module 4: Options Buying Strategies
  • How to trade breakout chart patterns?
  • How to trade pullback chart patterns?
  • How to trade with framework?
  • Live Demo: How to trade with framework?
  • Live Demo: How to identify buying opportunities?
Weekly Strategies

Learn with realtime trades

Sentiment Analyzer Tool

Predict market scenario 

Interactive Lessons

Animation with live trades

Live Q&A sessions

In-dept case studies

Friendly Support

Get support for any queries related to Trading

Practical Training

All the modules have been designed with practical case-studies in step-by-step video lessons demonstrated with animation.

Live Q&A Discussions

We conduct live Q&A discussion on approaching weekly Hedging Strategies, combined with Technical Analysis, Open Interest Analysis for members.

  • eBook: Price Action Trading worth ₹499/-
  • eBook: Trading Psychology worth ₹499/-
  • Tool: Market Sentiment Analyzer worth ₹1,499/-
  • Tool: Intraday Profit &Loss tracker worth ₹499/-

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Options trading course from Trade Psychology perspective can help you develop discipline and focus to become a successful options trader.

Learn valuable strategies for managing risk, identifying profitable opportunities and make informed trades. Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Learn complete technical analysis for identifying short term & medium term trends.

Learn how to analyze Options chain data & plan trading strategy

Learn profitable Hedging strategies for Index weekly Options

Learn how to automate your Intraday Trading strategies with backtested strategies!

Learn How to follow FII data to follow thier trades with weekly Index Options

Learn how to improve your trading psychology with proven concepts

What people are saying?

One of the best trainer i have encountered, till date. Excellent and understandable explanation, without showing any irritation, even to the repeated questions... every time i gain knowledge. God bless you and your team


I have been trading with 3 different agencies during these times and this is the only agency which has given very consistent profits. Highly recommended 100%%%%
Dr. A. S. Netalkar
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Manipal Goa Hospital

Dr. Audumbar Netalkar

Your efforts to teach trading in options to new comers are indeed, genuine and painstaking. You also take much needed initiative to hold webinars every week to help and guide the new comers. This is indeed, praiseworthy. Pl. Keep up the good work being done by you. Thanks.

Avinash pandya

I explain about Trade Psychology as Simple, Genuine and help us understand / implement time tested strategies. Due to their experience our learning curve is reduced greatly and also help us protect our capital.

We are given adequate confidence that if the system is followed, money can be made over time and we remain profitable at the end of every quarter.

Manjunath C Rao

The course is dynamic.
Data analysis and strategy selection are explained with real data.The framework is simple and effective. The weekly sunday webinars are effective learning experiences.
The course is a formula for trading success.


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